Noah Clayton, Editor-in-Chief

Lately, there have been many posters around the school that say “DUDE. be nice,” but some might not completely know or understand what the reason for the sudden decoration. It is primarily the leadership class’ doing. While it is currently the youngest class at Heritage High School, the leadership class is already making a difference on the campus. The most notable way they have done this is by bringing the “DUDE. be nice” week to Heritage. “DUDE. be nice” week is actually a national which encourages young people to recognize those who have made an impact in people’s lives, and many videos of people being honored during the event can be seen on YouTube. The “DUDE. be nice” week suits the leadership class particularly well because it is an effective way to recognize others who demonstrate desirable leadership attributes. Also, it lets these students practice leadership skills themselves.

Although the “DUDE. be nice” week is an appropriate project for the leadership class, it is by no means a quick or easy one. Everything from making posters to contacting news media, which includes local papers and even the Times Free Press, to selecting teachers to recognize, which is determined based on who exhibits leadership. Students at Heritage High School might want to get used seeing events such as “DUDE. be nice” week. While the leadership class might not host this exact event every year, they will do projects that do identify local leaders and give the class ways to demonstrate leadership themselves.