Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

The students here at Heritage High School recently started our aeroponic farm on March 14, Monday, at around 2 p.m., which is when the tower gardens were planted. The school has joined the nonprofit organization Americans for Schools and the social enterprise Ellis Jaxon Farms in the hopes to further spread the idea that “A Child Can Raise a Village.” This campaign was created in 2014 when the previously mentioned groups originally began working together. Since then, they have accomplished many things. Their goal was to design and begin this program that taught about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Along with these subjects, students are also being educated about farming, and these farms seem to just keep helping students. The Healthy and Hungry Free Kids Act of 2010 is also supported throughout this. The farms are being brought to the school in order to help the national issue of child hunger. In America, there are over 15 million children that live in homes where their nutrition needs are not met the way that they should be. The executive director of Ellis Jaxon Farms, Kim Carlock, has previously stated that she hopes to be able to place the aeroponic tower gardens, like we now have at HHS, in all schools. Having them here at our school is another step closer to this goal. These new towers are great for Heritage High School and its students. They provide excellent educational opportunities with activities that relate to agriculture, nutrition, conservation, and community service.