Clay Mount, Staff Writer

These days prom is a pretty important part of high school. Everyone wants to put on the perfect attire and have a perfect prom night. Part of this attire is, of course, a dress or tuxedo and a few other accessories like boutonnieres and corsages. Boutonnieres and corsages are, actually, a pretty big deal, but sometimes it’s hard to find florists to do these for you. This is why the Future Farmers of America at Heritage High School sold flowers for this past prom. Ms. Shearer, the agriculture teacher and FFA sponsor, and the future farmers have worked hard since February to put these flowers together. Isabel Hill, a sophomore in the FFA said, “The horticulture class started working on these flowers for some hands-on experience.” The FFA group had to care for the flowers and wash them, so not only did students receive flowers, but the future farmers also received experience. All the money raised from these flowers goes back to FFA as well. Isabel also added, “Flowers are part of our standards, so the prom flowers were our way of meeting them.” So the prom flowers were really just a win-win for everyone. Isabel also shared that they sold about 25 flowers and earned a profit of about a couple hundred dollars. Isabel also stated, “My favorite part was seeing the excitement on everyone’s faces when they picked them up. Even though the flower sale and prom is over, you can keep an eye out next year for the FFA’s wonderful flowers. Part of being a student in FFA is being the best you can, so I assure you, you will not be displeased with their flowers–or anything they do, for that matter!