Trevin Kalick, Sports Editor

The long anticipated NFL Draft start last night, and it was definitely a good one, so if you missed it, I feel bad. We had two QBs go one and two for the second straight year. We had the top prospect in the country fall from a top four pick to the number 13 pick after his Twitter got hacked. Also, players who were projected to go very high in the draft didn’t even get drafted yesterday. This is only the first round so we still have six more rounds to go. Things should be getting interesting over the next few days.

Laremy Tunsil is arguably the top prospect in this draft. A guy that was seen as the number one pick just two weeks ago, went to the Miami Dolphins who had the number 13 pick. His drastic drop was result of his Twitter account getting hacked and the hacker posting a video of Tunsil smoking marijuana from a gas mask. Tunsil has had character issues in the past so it is understandable why he kept dropping. Whoever hacked Tunsil cost him millions of dollars. You can’t help but be sympathetic for the guy.

Some other news from the draft was Jared Goff, QB out of Cal, and Carson Wentz, QB out of NDSU, going number one and two in the draft. Lastly, we had a top ten talent in Myles Jack completely fall out of the first round. He had a knee injury so maybe the injury is worse than us fans know. I expect him to go early 2nd round.

Draft day one and the first round of the draft is officially over. Let’s get ready for the next six rounds, hopefully they are just as entertaining.