Noah Clayton, Editor-in-Chief

On Sunday, May 1, there was an induction ceremony for the National Honor Society at 2:00 in the afternoon in the Heritage High School theater. The inductees were seated seated alphabetically based on last name. Once a student’s name was called, then that student would sign an NHS book and receive an NHS card and pin.

There were a few people who spoke to the inductees. One of the people to speak was the guest speaker David Roddy from the Chattanooga Police Department. The most important message he had for the audience was about commitment. He made a sports analogy of how when playing football, if a football player has to hit someone, then that player should visualize going through the opposing player. Roddy recommended having that mindset in other aspects of life as well. Another speaker was the Heritage High School principal Ronnie Bradford. He shared his story of how he was removed from the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) in seventh grade for making comments to his teacher. Thankfully, Bradford was able to be in NHS during his high school career, and he was never removed from that organization. The reason for his sharing this story was to express the how important that the inductees admit to mistakes and try to right any wrongs that person has made.

After the induction, the inductees gathered for a group pictures, which was followed by any individual pictures that any parents might have wanted. There was also some cake and punch in the gym lobby for the new members of the honor society to enjoy.