Elliot Bennett, Staff Writer

Injuries are quite common in the professional sports world, especially when it comes to contact sports like football. When players have the sole objective of running into someone as hard as they can, it’s no wonder they get hurt so often. Despite the numerous protective measures, including padding, helmets, and rules designed to prevent misconduct, players are getting injured left and right in the NFL. In some sports, players will be out for a game or two because of their injuries, but when it comes to football, injuries can be more long-lasting. In fact, many players have injuries they sustained months ago in the regular season! Nothing would be worse than spending your entire off-season trying to recover from last season’s injuries. However, that is the position many NFL players are in. Surprisingly, The Baltimore Ravens have ten players injured, and football season ended months ago! Of those ten, six are questionable whether or not they will be able to play in the first game this season. The other four are probable to be healthy enough to play in the first game of the season. It just seems wild that players have such serious injuries that they can’t even heal over the long off-season. That truly speaks to how dangerous the game of football is and leads me to wonder if some of these players will ever fully recover from the body-breaking hits they receive in their sometimes 15-year careers. I guess when it all comes down to it, they love what they do, and no one would want to get in the way of passion like that.