Hannah Roberts, Staff Writer

The Creative Writing Club here at Heritage High School has recently been able to self-publish some of their work, and it is available on Amazon. This is a collection of  many different short stories and poems that they all have been working on for the past two years, and it is called “General Musings.” When I went to go ask Mrs. Tollett how it felt to finally be able to publish it, she explained that putting it together took longer than they expected it to, but now that it was complete, everyone who contributed was thrilled. She said, “I think we were just so excited just to be able to see it.” The people who worked on this book were Erin Grace Walden, Jared Burns, Carmen Smith, Henry Tollett, Cyanna Toney, Cole Arnold, Connor Rentz, Jami Teems, Drake Miller and Kimberly Rios Lopez. All of them worked hard on this book, and the cost to purchase it for yourself is $0.99. If you enjoy writing, Mrs. Tollett and everyone in the club are always excited for new members to join. It would be an excellent opportunity to be able to write and receive feedback from other students. The Creative Writing Club is also hoping to publish many more books in the future if at all possible. They have already figured out how it is done, and with a few more writers, another volume could soon come out. The entire club is hoping that it can become a tradition and that they will be able to publish much more of their work within the years to come.