Katie Lee, Staff Writer

With only a few days left of school, students are getting super hyped for summer vacation. Not the Honors English students, though, because they know that summer vacation means that it is time for summer reading. The students had to sign a sheet proving that they got the summer reading list so they can’t just come in next fall and say they had no idea they had summer reading. Every honors student dreads summer reading–even the students who enjoy reading.  No kid wants to spend their time away from school reading boring books that they did not even get to pick out and from what I have heard, most kids do not even do it. However, I think the teachers finally realized that. This year, the English teachers decided to let the students choose the books they are required to read this summer. They can’t just go out and pick any books they want; they were given a list of books to choose from. I think this is a great idea, because then we are not stuck reading boring books that are so boring it becomes a chore to read them. Each grade is required to read one specific book that they will talk about in class, and then they are allowed to pick their other two. Most of the students are excited about this change, and I think the teachers are, too. More students will actually be doing the summer reading this year instead of just skimming through SparkNotes like some of them obviously do.