“I’m not gonna tell you that we’re prepared to dominate. What have we done that proves that we have the right to be overconfident? We are prepared to play to the best of ability. The only way we can prove that is by going out every Friday night and giving our best” –Coach Hight


Connor Harlan, Editor-in-Chief

Adjustments can be difficult. You could have trouble rolling out of bed in the morning to get ready for school, sitting down to do your homework, or, in extreme cases, finishing your summer reading. This year’s football team can’t afford to adjust. The key to their success this season comes from one word: preparation. According to Coach Slaughter, all the team has been doing since last season is train. Whether it’s lifting weights pretty much all year, to attending various camps throughout the summer, the team has been putting absolutely every ounce of their being into making this season a real winner. “We have some seniors who’ve played with us all three years. Corbee Wilson is returning as our quarterback.” Some other returning seniors include Trent Kiniry, Dylan House, and Tanner Nance. While I’m not here to claim the title of “Biggest HHS Football Fan,” a title held by Logan Pickett, my role as Heritage student is to believe in the team. Like Coach Hight said about overconfidence, it’s the team’s job to prove that they’re playing to the best of their ability. It’s the students’ job to have the confidence to believe in our team. And to quote the “Biggest HHS Football Fan” titleholder, “The most exciting part about tonight is BEATING LAKEVIEW!” Logan, I couldn’t agree more.

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