GETTING TO KNOW YOU featuring Dr. Jason Scott

Shane Morehead and Celena Smith, Staff Writers

Dr. Jason Scott has switched positions at Heritage High School. Since the high school opened in 2008, he has taught full time, but now he is teaching part-time and is an assistant principal part-time. We asked him why he didn’t seek a full-time assistant principle position somewhere else, and his response was “I love being here at Heritage, and my son goes here.” He told us that he wasn’t planning on leaving Heritage High until he retires or the school closes down.  He decided to stay a teacher because education has always been important to him. His mother emphasized education when Dr.  Scott was growing up. He said education has gotten him where he is today, and he also would like his students to know the importance of education.

He feels that he has a pretty great relationship with the other teachers. Dr.  Scott said, “Good teaching is good teaching. I don’t feel as if I’m the boss; I feel more as if I’m helping them grow, teaching-wise.” By taking this position, he can help not only students but also teachers. Dr. Scott enjoys his job and is happy to know that he is doing well in the world by teaching his students. He will miss teaching full-time, but he is glad that he still gets to interact with the students. Dr.  Scott is not “new” in the usual sense, but he still took on a new job and deserves a welcome–along with a congratulations–from the students of Heritage High School.