Ian Shank & Arianna Piper, Staff Writers

After the success of their spectacular smash hit football halftime show “I Am Spartacus,” the Heritage High School Legion of Generals Band will continue their streak of more serious and compelling shows like “New World” with their much-anticipated show “The Greatest of These is Love.” One of the many questions on people’s minds is “will we enjoy the show?” Well, sophomore trumpet player Lance Hayes said, “Yes, they will enjoy it, since it’s a tearjerker,” and we would definitely agree with that statement. The music moved us in a way we didn’t expect it would. The music and how it differs from last year’s show is also on everyone’s minds. Well, it’s more of a poetic song than the pulse-pounding energetic kind “I Am Spartacus” was. What is “The Greatest of These is Love” about, you might ask? Alas, the band members can’t tell us anything (due to their strong devotion to their oath of secrecy) about the show other than this little bit of information.  “The Greatest of These is Love” has a beginning, middle, and an end; that’s all we can say about the show. You have to watch the show to have the true experience, so we won’t tell you what it’s about. We didn’t necessarily have a favorite part, as everything was spectacular, but band member Lance Hayes said that the ballad is the best part of the show in his opinion, while band member Jarod Long said that the ending is his favorite part due to its emotional impact it will have on some people. In short, “The Greatest of These is Love” is the emotional tearjerker we’ve been promised.