Connor Harlan, Editor-in-Chief

While some high school sports teams can have rough seasons, missing players, etc., I don’t think in all of my three years at Heritage I have witnessed one poor softball season. This year’s team is no exception. One could be skeptical of any team that’s lost as many key players as the softball team has, but the girls seemed to have picked up the pace. Tuesday’s game against Pickens saw the softball team giving their all to dominate the competition 7-1. The game began with some excellent pitching from pitcher Maddi Morris, and the girls held down the fort for the entire game. This excellent game will hopefully be telling for the rest of the season, and coaches Alan Broom and Jason Carter have high hopes as well. Coach Broom is especially excited, giving an inside interview to General Journal writer Melissa Ramos.

Melissa Ramos: How confident do you feel about this year?

Coach Broom: I feel as if we are steadily improving to achieve our goals.

MR: Who is your biggest rival this year?

CB: Everyone hates us, but Northwest, Ridgeland, and Gilmer have always been our rivals.

MR: Are you keeping an eye on someone?

CB: Maddie Morris, for sure. She’s a junior and has the potential to go all-region and/or all-state.

With the motivation of the coaches, hard work from our Lady Generals, and support from the school, we can have another fantastic softball season.