GETTING TO KNOW YOU featuring Rhonda Sixto

Celena Smith, Staff Writer

Mrs. Rhonda Sixto has been teaching for sixteen years, and out of those sixteen years, she taught at Heritage Middle School for two and a half. Mrs. Sixto has been at Heritage High for three years, but this year she is not teaching Literature as she has previously. She has taken up a new position working in the Media Center. I asked why she decided to take the position, and her response was “I have always had a love for books.” She is still the sponsor for the Heritage Book Club. In Mrs. Sixto’s free time she said that she will be picking books for the book club. She said she already misses teaching, but Mrs. Sixto is very grateful for the job she has and loves it already. The job challenges her to learn more things. She is also glad that she gets to interact with the faculty more. “I’m handling the transition fairly well, thanks to Mr. Douglas for all the help he is willing to give.” said Mrs. Sixto. She also has multiple students in the media center who can help her. With the job she has now she also gets to help other teachers learn ways to make learning fun and entertaining. I asked “What do you think the future will holds with this position?” Mrs. Sixto’s response was, “I believe this position has very good things going for it.’’ The media center is planning on rearranging all the books this year by genre. When students come in they can go straight the genre they like and pick out a book. Mrs. Sixto said, “I want to make reading fun instead of it feeling like it is a chore.” Even though many will miss her teaching, Mrs. Sixto deserves a congratulations and an encouragement to let her be open-minded about her new position for the students at Heritage High.