inTERRYgation is BACK!

Kevin Terry & Door 11, Contributing Writers

Every morning, my happy work here at Heritage begins with the same comforting ritual:  I walk across the back porch and enter the building through Door 11. Not nearly as condescending and high maintenance as Door 12, Door 11 is always welcoming and reliable. Recently though, a suddenly curious and surprisingly sassy Door 11 had some questions. Here is a bit of that awkward inTerrygation:


Door 11: Hey man! I see you every morning. What’s the deal?

Coach Terry: You know I work here. I walk through you all the time. What’s up with you?

D11: Nothing’s ‘up with me.’ And I’ll ask the questions. Where are you going?

CT: I’m going to drop off this hummus in the fridge and head to my classroom. Why are you so feisty this morning?

D11: I don’t really know. I think breathing in all the dust from these dirt dauber nests is messing with my endorphins. But never mind that, what is hummus?

CT: It’s some … dip … I don’t know what it is. It’s supposed to be a superfood.

D11: So it tastes good?

CT: Not really.

D11: So it tastes bad.

CT: No … not really. It’s just … alright. I like it fine.

D11: Does it save other food that is in danger?

CT: What?

D11: You said, “It’s a superfood.” Does it fight against forces of evil?

CT: Uh … maybe … if you consider low fiber and high cholesterol forces of evil? Why do you care about my food anyway? You don’t eat. You’re just metal and glass.

D11: Oh, wow. Is that really how you see me? Is that all I am to you:  just metal and glass?

CT: Of course not; that’s not what I meant. You’re great … always there for me. I wouldn’t trade you for a dozen Door 12’s. He’s … impossible. What’s his deal, anyway?

D11: Don’t take it personally. He’s been that way from the beginning. He’s just … difficult. He doesn’t trust people. He’s never really opened up that easily to anyone.

CT: Well, I think he’s a stubborn jerk!

Door 12: I heard that!

CT: Aw … forget you, Door 12! I’m done with you. It’s me and Door 11 from here on out.

D11: Hey let me try some of that hummus.

CT: Dude. You’ll just waste it. You’re a DOOR! Anyway I’ve got to get inside. I’ve got to finish this Pear Deck I’ve been working on.

D11: Fine … go ahead. Go finish your fancy Pear Deck. Leave me here with 12 all day.

CT: Yeah …that’s got to get old. Sorry man. I gotta go. I’ll catch you this afternoon.


<I just had to run into the building. Door 11 will talk your ears off. He means well, though.>