Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

This school year freshmen were not the only new people at Heritage High School; we got new staff, too. Mr. Cody Lones joined the Generals … again.! Mr. Lones was the first class president of Heritage High School. Although the school had far fewer students and several unoccupied classrooms back then, it was full of dreams and goals yet to achieve. Mr. Lones is now a math teacher and an assistant football coach.  Even though he is just starting to coach football, the sport is not something new for him; he used to be the receiver on the first football team at Heritage.

This year’s football season started off well, although we did not defeat Ringgold (The student section killed it, though!), they are managed to bounce back with last week’s game against Coahulla Creek.

Mr. Lones is more than happy to be with us this year, and he feels “amazing”–like his is wanted–and he thinks HHS is a great place to launch his career. “It was one of the greatest decisions I’ve made,” he said, and we are fortunate to have him.  The Heritage family received him with our arms open and cannot wait to make new memories with him.

Mr. Lones graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and he is like a lot of us: he would rather get Chick-Fil-A than Zaxby’s. We are happy to have him, and he is going to help our football team push it to the limit and make better players and people out of them.