Ian Shank, Staff Writer

In 1999, people everywhere were introduced to the Blair Witch, a supposed legend from Blair, Maryland. In 2016, the search for the Blair Witch continues with the movie “Blair Witch.” The sequel to “The Blair Witch Project” was first announced at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, which was a surprise to many since the movie was originally titled “The Woods.” To see how people would respond to the “Blair Witch” movie, I showed the movie’s trailer to Heritage High School faculty members Mrs. Sixto, Mrs. Ange, and Mr. Budds. When I showed the trailer to her, Mrs. Sixto busted out in hysterical laughter while watching, mainly during the part where the woman is trying to escape a tiny hole. When I asked if the trailer was terrifying and if she would see the movie she said, “It was terrifying. You couldn’t even pay me to see that movie.” I then showed the trailer to Mr.Budds. Being the manly man he is, he didn’t show an ounce of fear during the trailer. However, I got a different reaction afterwards.  He said “The trailer looks as scary as any movie can be. I hate everything about horror movies. I watch absolutely zero horror movies. Horror movies are for the other guy.”  Mrs. Ange however, was not too thrilled about what I showed her. She flashed me several looks during the trailer that did not look that kind. After the preview was over, Mrs. Ange boldly stated “It was terrifying and no, I will not see the movie.” So, will the hunt for the Blair Witch captivate people like the original film did in 1999? You’ll just have to see for yourself on September 16.