Connor Harlan, Editor-in-Chief

The last time I spoke of the school coming together in the all-uniting game of football, what was in the hearts of HHS students and staff was much different than what it is today. The school was full of determination, vigor, and excitement for the coming season. After a strong win against LFO, a heartbreaking defeat against Ringgold, and an even stronger win against Coahulla Creek, the Heritage Generals were on top of the world. Not just as a sports team, but as a family. Today, though, our Heritage family is united in a different way. Not just in our grief over the loss of one of our own, but in the way of love. To touch briefly on the words that Coach Slaughter spoke at Wednesday’s candlelight vigil celebrating the life of Katie Beth Carter, “When we go out there on that field this Friday night, winning is important. But it doesn’t matter.” Slaughter’s speech spoke to me in a big way, and I assume it did the same with everyone else as well. It was a motivating message serving as a primer for what would be an intense match, both emotionally and athletically.

This past Friday, a lot happened as well. We shared numerous tributes, gave unfathomable amounts of love, and of course, we played our best for a strong win against North Murray. The night’s energy thrived on moments like the dance and cheer teams’ heartfelt tributes, the game’s tense first half, and fantastic playing from the players. The game began with a lead from North Murray, but slowly we managed to bounce back and take a strong lead that we wouldn’t lose our grasp on for the entire game. Our time under the Friday Night Lights last week was show of love, sportsmanship, and friendship.