Celena Smith, Staff Writer

On March 8, 2017, the Legion of Generals Wind Ensemble will be headed to Indianapolis, Indiana, to represent Heritage High School and the great state of Georgia. They were accepted to perform at the Music for All National Concert Band Festival. The festival is three days long, and they plan to stay and watch all of the other extremely talented bands. Mr. Callaway had to send in scores, a band bio, accomplishments, and a video of the Wind Ensemble in order to be considered. When the band is in Indianapolis, they will be playing a wide variety of music. “There will be mostly high school students in the audience, so something that will please them,” answered Mr. Callaway when I asked about the music he is going to choose. He also wants to choose some challenging music that shows that the band knows what they are doing. The Music for All National Concert Band Festival is to support and encourage music. It also allows people to enter and show off their ensembles. Mr. Callaway is very excited and happy that they got chosen to perform in the festival. “It doesn’t even feel real. It feels as if we are in a dream,” stated Mr. Callaway. The look on his face when he was talking about the festival was amazing. He supports the Wind Ensemble in what they do and is very proud of them. We, too, are very proud of the Legion of Generals and would like to congratulate them on this prestigious honor.