Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

Why run?  When people ask me what sports I play, I tell them I swim, run track, and run cross country. When I say cross country or track, they immediately say “Ew, you like to run?” or “I can’t even jog one mile!” or, “Why do you run?” I always wondered why they don’t run. I mean, running feels great. The first minute might feel like the longest minute ever, but after that minute everything flows freely. Your heart race goes up, your mind is free, your music is loud, endorphins are all inside your body, and you are free. I love to run, because running is healthy for you, not only physically, but also mentally, too. When I run, I can get all my thoughts together, and my body takes all the waste away through my sweat, and produces endorphins, which are scientifically proven that they make you a happier person.  And as a bonus, I get tan. A good long run makes everything so much better for me. I love to eat, so running helps me eat more without gaining so much weight.

In some sports, running is a punishment. If they are the last ones, or they cheat while doing the workout, the coach will punish them with an extra lap. For me, running is not a punishment. I could run for hours with a good playlist or a good running buddy. My running buddy can’t just be any person. It has to be a person who is a little faster than me and a good listener. So when people ask me why I run, I wonder why they don’t.