Arianna Piper, Staff Writer

Many people know of the alternative punk rock band, Green Day. Well on August 11, 2016′ the band released their new lead single “Bang Bang” that will be on their twelfth studio album “Revolution Radio,” being released on October 7.  Compared to their previous songs like “Holiday” (2004) and “American Idiot” (2004), from the same album, “Bang Bang” also addresses what’s important to them. “Bang Bang” is about gun violence, “Holiday” is an anti-war song, and “American Idiot” refers to not wanting to be just another American who falls for the government’s media tricks, distracting us from what’s really going on. The band focuses on what’s happening in the world, saying what many think, but can’t put into words, and capturing the attention of all those who agree, or disagree, not caring what the consequences could be. By August 17, the song had already accumulated over two million views, so after being out for slightly over a month, it has topped at number one on the Mainstream Rock Songs chart. The song is said to be inspired by recent mass shootings and was even written in the point of view of a mass shooter … well, not literally.

I gathered a few thoughts from senior Josselyn Tellez, who is, without-a-doubt, crazy about Green Day. When asked for her opinion about “Bang Bang” she said, “It’s great that they have come out with new music since they have been quiet since their trilogy albums “Uno,” “Dos,” and “Tre” four years ago.” She believes that “Bang Bang” differs from previous singles by expanding their horizon and producing new music from a different point of view, as well as focusing on world problems nowadays. Josselyn is ecstatic about the releasing of “Revolution Radio,” looking forward to their new attitude, new lyrics, and new energy. After listening to the single, she feels as if they are going to be focusing on the mass tragedies happening now.  Considering their older music, some fans might feel as if they are getting too far from their roots, but Josselyn thinks they are just expanding and revolutionizing their music. She has listened to Green Day since she was in middle school, stating that when everyone was going through their “Sceanie-weenie phase,” her friend introduced Green Day to her, and it all just made sense. Hoping to be able to attend a few concerts so she can be close to her favorite band, Josselyn wants to encourage others to listen and understand to what they have to say.