Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

In the South, most people enjoy watching football games, but when we are talking about college football, things get serious.  With more than 25 teams, everyone has their favorite. People cheer for their favorite teams for various reasons. They may have a relative there, they may want to go there, they may think the school is nice, or simply because they think the team is good. I decided to ask Main Office personnel Mrs. Starr, Mrs. Conley, and Mrs. Lynns what football teams they like.

Mrs. Lynns likes Alabama and Georgia, and does not dislike any team. She has never been to one of their games, but she has been to a Tennessee game. Just like Mrs. Lynns, Mrs. Conley likes Georgia and Florida as well. She likes those teams because she has lived in both states and grew up in them, too. She has been to a Florida game. Unlike Mrs. Conley and Mrs. Lynns, Mrs. Starr likes Tennessee. She also likes Tennessee because she was raised there and went to UTK.

College football just started, and most people are excited, either to watch the football game or just enjoy the delicious food. Although a football game lasts just 60 minutes, we hang out with our friends and/ or family for more than 60 minutes and enjoy it very much. So while everybody has a different favorite team, these ladies still prefer Chick-fil-a over Zaxby’s.