Arianna Piper, Staff Writer

Something that bothers me is a person who can’t handle the truth. In life there are often situations that make people feel as if they need some advice. Well obviously they don’t want you to lie, but they won’t always expect you to be completely honest. Now, some people know how to sugarcoat the truth, but I’m not some people. If you ask me for help, for my opinion on something, or just a question in general, I am going to be brutally honest. If you can’t handle that then you don’t need to be coming to me in the first place. I get that people can be sensitive but grow a backbone and deal with it. The truth really does hurt, I understand that, but maybe the truth is exactly what you need to figure out the answer to whatever it is you’re dealing with. Now, if a little kid asks me if unicorns are real, I’m not going to ruin that for them because it isn’t my place. I believe that kids should have an imagination, even though some might not agree, and it is up to them to decide when they’re going to stop believing. However, if I have a friend who asks me about their new boyfriend/girlfriend, I’m not going to hold back. If I think they can do better then guess what? I’m going to tell them that, but not without justification. You can’t just express your opinion about something and not explain why you feel that way. She/he can be as mad as they want to be at me, throw a tantrum, or even stop being my friend, but the truth is that I wouldn’t care. They asked and I answered.  I feel as if a lie could have turned out to be much worse. It takes a lie to cover a lie and eventually after having to cover so many lies, people will begin to catch on and investigate, revealing you as nothing but a liar. Who would want to be friends with someone who practically deceives them? Whether you like it or not I’m always going to tell you exactly what I think, because I prefer to lose a friend for being honest rather than lying, but if you can’t deal with that then you’re not my friend anyway.