Celena Smith, Staff Writer

The beach and the mountains are both great vacation spots, but I think that the mountains are the best. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the ocean, but it is too hot and sandy for my taste. When you go to the beach, you have sand where sand should never be, and you also have to watch out for those stupid seagulls. When you go to the mountains, it could be eighty degrees one day then be snowing the next. One year during spring break, I was lying out by the pool in eighty degree weather and woke up to it snowing the next day. That is always fun because you could swim one day and then turn around and play in snow. I mean, who doesn’t like playing in the snow? Oh wait, me. Even though I hate the snow because of how cold it is, I will always love the mountains. When I go up to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, I get to go to Dollywood. I also get to go shopping in Tanger Outlets. Another good thing about going to the mountains is when it isn’t too hot or too cold, you can go hiking and find things like beautiful waterfalls and wildlife. One time when I went up to the Great Smokey Mountains, we went to Cades Cove and walked some trails. I also got to drive the circle and see all kinds of bears along with other animals. When I go to the mountains, I feel like I am connecting with nature more than I ever could at the beach. The sunsets in both places are beautiful, but my favorite has to be the beach sunset and sunrise. When you are in the mountains, there are also pretty sunsets and sunrises as they peep through the trees and over the mountains. When I go to the mountains, I normally see animals I would never see every day. For example, one time my family and I were staying in a cabin and this bear came walking up in the front yard, just looking at us. Of course I thought it was cool, but my family didn’t feel the same way. Be honest, how many people can say they were sitting on the front porch of a cabin and had a black bear walk into the front yard? When you stay in the mountains you get to see all kinds of beautiful things, and this is why I absolutely love the mountains.