Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

I love all seasons. They are all unique. Each season has new things to bring, like different sports, different holidays, different food, different weather, and my favorite: different styles of clothes. I cannot decide which season has the best style. I love each and every season’s outfits equally, but I love each one in a different way. Just like Summer and Spring have slightly different styles, Fall and Winter do, too. Fall outfits are a little more comfortable than Winter outfits because you do not have to wear as many layers of clothes to feel warm.  I love the colors they offer, like Sangria (my favorite), Aluminum Misted Yellow, Mauve Mist, Cognac, Military Green, Cypress, Masala, Oak Buff, and many more that I could keep listing forever.  I think that Sangria, Cypress, Oak Buff, and Aluminum go perfectly together. That is my favorite combination of colors for a perfect fall outfit. Something that will never go wrong with the fall season is the scarf. You can replace a necklace with a scarf. A messy bun is super-cute, but wearing your hair down is a different kind of cute.

One of my favorite things about new seasons is that I get to redo my closet. I love reorganizing my closet.  All my clothes are organized by color from lightest to darkest. Since all the Fall and Winter clothes are thicker compared to the Spring and Summer, my closet looks like it has a lot more clothes than  it does in the Summer, and sometimes they don’t fit inside of it anymore. Since it is Fall, that means a lot of holidays are coming up like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Another great thing about fall clothes is that they make you look a lot bigger, but no one knows if you have gained weight, or if it’s just the super big sweater you are wearing. That means that I can gain weight and would not feel bad about it.