Arianna Piper, Staff Writer

At Mortingham Boarding Academy, secrets are kept, hearts are crushed, and students are dead. “Silver, “ by Chris Wooding, is a horror/sci-fi book that immediately captures our attention with an end-of-the-world story, but it isn’t your typical zombie apocalypse. Putting a twist on an almost electronic zombie idea, The Infected are completely silver and seemingly made of metal, with little to no weaknesses.

When Paul is placed in Mortingham Boarding Academy, he seems like your every day student. However, Paul has a secret that nobody but his teacher and friend, Mr. Sutton knows. Caitlyn and Erika are supposed best friends, but Caitlyn despises Erika. Caitlyn has eyes for Paul, but Paul has eyes for Erika. Why wouldn’t he? Erika was perfect. But she didn’t want to be.  Adam is a bully with problems of his own, known as a problem child since the beginning. He might as well live up to the title. Mark doesn’t want to be a geek anymore, he wants to hang out with the cool kids like Paul, who doesn’t want anything to do with him. So what happens when silver beetles and dogs begin attacking students and teachers, turning them into zombie-like machines? One minute they are just kids and the next minute these five very different students will have to work together to save themselves, and hopefully each other. With no way to reach out for help, the students have to organize a plan of survival, but it’s not easy. The Infected are smart, but, then again, they aren’t. They work together, they adapt, and they attack. By themselves, they’re stupid and seemingly harmless, and yet one scratch, no matter how big or small, and you’ll be just like one of them. Soon finding out how the infection came about, it seems as if there will be no way out. However, when Mark discovers their weakness, there’s still a chance of survival, but will they take it?