Celena Smith, Staff Writer

During the year we have four seasons:  Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. During the seasons, there are different types of weather. My favorite season has to be Fall. You get to wear cute clothes and not have skimpy clothes. I also like other seasons, but my favorite has to be Fall. Fall is just a comfortable season where it isn’t too hot and isn’t too cold. During the Fall, football starts, and football is one of my favorite sports of all time. Also, during the Fall, Halloween comes around! I love Halloween with a passion. My family and I also have a Halloween party. We sit by the fire and hand out candy. Another thing I love about the Fall is the bonfires that we get to have and just sitting around telling jokes. When I sit around a fire with my family I feel connected to them more. I also get homemade chili during the fall. I honestly do not know what is better than home-made chili. In the Fall, the leaves are changing colors, and the weather is getting more comfortable. The clothes I get to wear are the most comfortable things ever. I get to wear big sweatshirts and baggy shirts without even getting judged. Fall has to be one of the most gorgeous seasons of all time. Anything during the Fall I get to do always is so comfortable. In the Fall, the time falls back and oh how I love that. I get to sleep in longer and feel refreshed. In the Fall, my family goes up to Gatlinburg to stay in a cabin. I love going to the mountains during the Fall because of how gorgeous the mountains look with the leaves changing colors. In the Fall, I like to stay outside and see how the environment changes. The skies are normally really clear in the Fall, and I’m a sucker for stars. I like to lie where it is dark and the sky is clear. Fall is one of the most amazing seasons, and I love it more than any other season.