Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

Most people love Homecoming Week, either because it is fun to dress up or to watch people come up with great ideas. Not only is dressing up fun, but watching the beautiful homecoming court girls before the football game is a fun experience.  Well, last week, homecoming took place at Heritage High School. After a week full of genius and original dress-up ideas throughout the week, the Heritage Generals matched-up against Gilmer.  The coronation of the 2016 Homecoming Queen was, of course, a tough decision between Seren Brock, Reagan Christol, Joy Clark, Maya Jaffar, and Yeongha Oh. All of these beautiful and talented ladies looked fantastic last Friday night.  Although the decision was hard, our school chose Maya Jaffar for our 2016 Homecoming Queen.  After watching the coronation, the Generals did not waste time to play and to score. Before ten minutes had passed, Luke Grant opened the game by scoring, and all of the student section and family celebrated the very first touchdown! Heritage scored another touchdown, and, unfortunately the opposing team scored as well. There was nothing to worry about, though, because the Heritage Generals won 31-13. After the fantastic halftime show by the Legion of Generals, the show was dedicated to Nathan Leal. Gilmer scored again, and from then on the Heritage Generals kept scoring. Homecoming games are always fun, because they not only are a little different from all the other football games, but they also come after a fun week.