Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

Messy, hairy, barely visible, super blonde, fuzzy, thin, thick; What do all these adjectives have in common? They describe different kinds of eyebrows. Eyebrows are so important in our lives, and I do not think we give them enough credit. Eyebrows shape our face. Without eyebrows, our faces would be completely different. Even with different shaped eyebrows, our face would be different too.  If we for some reason shaved all of our eyebrows, we would look like aliens. Some models bleach their eyebrows and make them look like they disappeared. They do it for runways, but the difference between them and a normal person is that they look super hot either way because they are models. Some model companies do it to make their models look extroverted, or something out of this world. The truth is some models may look like aliens, but pretty aliens.

There are some people that put so much effort on their eyebrows that they ruin their eyebrows. They make them way too thick (and not like Beyonce thick), way too close to each to each other, or really dark when they have blonde hair. Some people can pull it off out, but for some it is better to look eyebrow-less or go natural.

The first thing I do when I meet someone new is look at their eyebrows. Some people would look at their eyes or clothes, but I look at their eyebrows. It bugs me if they have really nice eyebrows and they just have like 3 little hairs. I feel the need to pluck them. I love plucking eyebrows; it’s one of my favorite sports. I pluck my family’s eyebrows and some of my friends’ as well.

Some people say eyes are the key to your soul, and I say eyebrows are the key to your personality.  That is just my way of thinking. Don’t even get me started on tattooed eyebrows. I mean if you have no hair on your eyebrows at all, I guess that is okay, but if you shaved your eyebrows to get them tattooed, then that is something else. Why would someone ever do that? It is one thing to have tattooed eyebrows and another completely different if they are tattooed and thin. That kills me. I feel like a bullet just went through my heart shattering not only my love for eyebrows, but my respect for that person. Okay, maybe that is too far, but if you get something from this article, please never tattoo your eyebrows and make them thin.