Celena Smith, Staff Writer

High school relationships are a big thing in many teenagers’ lives. I ask myself every day if a high school relationship is worth the time and effort. I believe they are worth the time and effort, but then again, I have been in one for a year. My relationship has been off and on for three years now, but we have finally been together for a while. My friends have also been in high school relationships; sadly those didn’t work out so well. High school relationships can be amazing or could end in heartbreak. Every relationship has the potential to be good and could be the best one of your life. I believe wholeheartedly that high school relationships could go on to last for many years after the couple graduates.

I also CANNOT stand when seniors go after freshmen. That is absolutely ridiculous. I hate with a burning passion that the seniors have the nerve to go after the new freshmen who are already scared to death about being in high school. Yeah, I know they may think they can watch over them and be the person to protect them, but let’s be real here. It seems to me that seniors are out for one thing and one thing only. The upcoming freshmen need to be taught that if a senior comes up wanting to be all “in love” with them, they need to avoid rushing into anything and consider circumspection.

I believe that relationships should be sweet and give couples a fuzzy feeling when they see each other. A high school relationship isn’t something that should be joked around with if you are serious about it, in my opinion. A relationship is a serious thing. A relationship is something that isn’t a game, so there is no need in cheating. I hate it when people cheat. I wouldn’t want to be cheated on, so I know I wouldn’t do it. High school relationships could be worth it in the end if the couple communicates with each other and has trust in one another.