Arianna Piper, Staff Writer

Getting up at 5 a.m. is never easy for me. When my alarm goes off, I just lay there and debate whether an education is really worth having to get out of bed for, and sadly, it is. However, being able to actually get out of bed and down the stairs is seemingly impossible when I’m practically a zombie. I need that extra push to get me going, and NOS is usually it. No, it obviously doesn’t kick-in on the first sip, but just knowing that there is an ice cold NOS in the fridge can make me do front flips out of bed. In case you didn’t notice, I prefer NOS over any other energy drinks such as Monster or Red Bull, or really any drink in general. For the record, Monster doesn’t unleash my beast and Red Bull definitely doesn’t give me wings, but it does give me a bad taste in my mouth. I could probably drink a NOS all day every day if I wanted, but I know that it’s not exactly healthy, especially for someone my age. It’s not only the fact that it’s an energy drink, but also the satisfying taste, and even smell of a NOS that makes me look forward to it every morning. As soon as I pop the cap off, there’s a fog-like substance that percolates from the mouth of the can and produces an almost sickly sweet scent that I absolutely love. The first sip is usually my favorite, even though it all tastes the same. Most of the time I buy the 24-ounce can, because the more the better, right? Even though the label claims that there are three servings per can, I usually drink all of it by myself. I don’t rush through it all, though. I take my time and enjoy it while slowly waking up and starting my day. Usually by the time I get to school I have finished all of my drink and I’m wide awake and ready for whatever life wants to throw at me; as long as it’s not a real object, because I can’t catch.