Celena Smith, Staff Writer

The feeling of someone watching you.  The floor creaking and weird sounds in the night.  All of this explains Season Six of “American Horror Story.” In the newest iteration, AHS explains how a couple went from living in the city to living in the country for different reasons. They live in an old farm house, and just Seasons One through Five, it does not start out slow.  All of the creepy creatures start making sounds, and a woman is almost drowned by nothing that is discernible. But it doesn’t stop there.  Just from watching the first three episodes, Season Six is going to be pretty good.  Then again, when has AHS ever let us down in the Scariness Department? The characters from “Freak Show” have return as expected and are performing better than ever. Sarah Paulson, the main female role, shows true fear and terror in the first episodes. Also, they threw in an actress from “The 100”:  Adina Porter appears in the first episode as Cuba Gooding Jr.’s and Sarah Paulson’s sister.  Porter comes to watch over Sarah Paulson’s character while her husband, Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character, is off on a business trip. Let me just say after that the episode gets pretty intense. While watching this episode, it had me thinking about what I would do if someone started pulling stunts like that on me. Even though it is scary, “American Horror Story” is a show I would watch, hands-down, over any other show on television. Yes, I consider it one of my favorite shows, and I have seen every season and episode.