Connor Harlan, Editor-in-Chief

Before we get into stats, anger, and tears, let me address my bias. I am a Tennessee fan. I sat through that entire game on Saturday with my Georgia-adherent family in their red hoodies and hats, like blood-soaked dogs preying on their orange-clad prey. Yes, Georgia had a victory in their sights against the Volunteers, but the team was sadly met with defeat. I’m not usually one to weigh in on things like college football, but who could overlook as big a game as this one? I was the odd man out, and I’m sure that many HHS students feel the same way. To the Dawg fans of Heritage, this simply isn’t for you, sort of akin to winning. I spoke to a Tennessee super-fan to get the inside scoop from an actual winner.

Connor Harlan: How does it feel to completely stomp the Georgia Bulldogs into the dust?

Coach Ledbetter: “From a fan that has experienced many a gut-wrenching loss, I really have no sympathy for the Georgia Bulldogs fans this week. I had the pleasure of going to the game and seeing it with my own eyes, and it was amazing to witness the emotional rollercoaster that was the last few minutes of the game. I’m so happy to be working with many Georgia fans and wear my orange proudly, and I’m hoping for many more Georgia Bulldog losses in the future.

Since I do have a heart, I decided to talk with someone from the other side of the tracks. Natalie Atwell, a known Georgia fan, gave me some words about what it feels like to be crushed.

CH: How’s it feel to be a big stupid loser?

NA: I’m used to it. We suck. We are terrible. But I am not a fair weather fan. My alma mater will be my favorite team forever, no matter what.

CH: Do you hope that your team will NOT be big stupid losers in the future?

NA: Maybe one of these days. Or years. Who knows.