Ian Shank, Staff Writer

The new release of any kind of Yeezy shoe is a major event. Sneaker heads wait for hours outside the nearest Foot Action or Adidas store, Kanye West fans go bananas over them, and people that don’t like Yeezy shoes get annoyed whenever they see people wearing the new shoes. I myself love Yeezy shoes. They provide a comfortable experience for any one that wears the shoe. In fact, they are so comfortable it feels that it feels like walking on a cloud or a very soft marshmallow. They also look phenomenal on your feet. They are the Rolex for your feet. They immediately draw attention to your feet and people will more likely recognize what you’re wearing and give you a compliment on the shoes. Another thing that I like about the Yeezy shoes is that they are made of great material. The Yeezy Boost 750 was made with suede. Please try and tell me that’s not awesome. I dare you, scratch that, I double dare you.

I also love that the Boost 350 is a slip-on shoe, meaning it doesn’t have a tongue. In my opinion, the fact that it doesn’t have a tongue makes the shoe a lot more comfortable than it should be.  It’s like loosening an incredibly tight collar on a button-up shirt. Guys should know how great that feels, it is very freeing. The soles also look amazing. No matter how many times Adidas reuses those soles, I never get furious about it. They’re very similar to the Marvel movies, you always get the same thing but you don’t mind it at all because it’s just that great.  The one thing that I absolutely hate about Yeezy shoes is their price.  At the store you can get them for around $250, but if you want to order them online from Amazon, you will have to cough up somewhere between $1,300 – $3,850. I guess instead of paying for rent or food, you can just waste your paycheck on shoes, because that totally makes sense and is definitely a sound financial plan.