Donald Franklin

Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

With winter coming up, wrestling is coming up, too.  A lot of people consider wrestling one of the hardest sports. Wrestling requires a lot of dedication.  A wrestler needs to take care of his weight, have more muscle than fat, and practice for hours. That definitely changes his way of living.  Wrestling is not like any other sport where you just compete with a person around your age. In wrestling you wrestle with someone your weight. So if you weigh 150 pounds and 40 percent of it its muscle, is going to be easy to pin someone who is 150 pounds but only 15 percent of it its muscle. Although it is a hard sport, 40 people signed up for it at Heritage High school so far. Coach Craft, the head wrestling coach, is excited to start this new season with 15 new people, many of them being freshman. When I asked him what he thinks about the freshman, he said: “They [have] potential for the upcoming work.” Coach Craft has high expectations for them, but I do not think they will have any trouble meeting them. Their first day of practice is October 24. Starting so early must mean they have a good team, and they do. Chuckie Thurman has been a two-time state champion. The first time he won state was his freshman year, and three times he was a finalist. That says how good the team is. He is currently a senior, and has a lot of goals yet to accomplish before this season is over. He is not the only one that has goals to achieve this season; Coach Craft also has a goals for the team: to win the state championship. Last year the Generals finished 6th overall out of 54 teams, and in 2014 they finished in 9th place out of the 55 teams. With hard work and great dedication, this year they can finish first.