Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

Brewtiful Dark Coffee

To drink, or not to drink; that is the question. It depends on if you want to be awake or half dead during school or work. Coffee is the key ingredient to keeping yourself awake during your first block while your teacher is talking about something that you probably won’t remember tomorrow.  For me, coffee makes the difference between staying up late doing homework or having an excuse and going to bed early.

I love dark coffee; dark coffee makes my heart happy. It does not only make my heart happy, but it also makes my day brighter.  If there is something that I dislike in the world of beverages, it is coffee with sugar or cream. I dislike it a lot. I do not have anything against people that like it, I just will not drink it. I think coffee is perfect the way it is.

Another reason why I love coffee is because of the cute mugs.  Every time I go to Marshalls, I see the cutest mugs ever. They have an emoji mug, a mug with cute quotes, a mug that looks like a bear, Mrs. & Mr. mugs, and so many more.  Amazon does have some cute mugs too, but they mostly have cool mugs. Their mugs are funny. They have mugs that turn black as you pour hot coffee in it, mugs with a cookie compartment, and a mug with a little basketball hoop so you can throw your marshmallows in it.

I dislike McDonalds; I would only eat there if that was my very last option. Everything tastes like plastic or chemicals to me, and I feel so bad for how they treat their animals and employees. There is one thing I love about McDonalds though, and it’s their coffee. Out of all the coffee places I can think of, McDonalds’ coffee is my favorite.  I don’t know what they add to it to make its taste perfect because not even Starbucks coffee is as good as theirs. That only applies to their regular coffee though, because their “mochas” or “frappuccinos” are basically sugar with espresso.