Ian Shank, Staff Writer

They’re Everywhere…

By Ian Shank

They are everywhere: in Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Hamilton Place, and even GameStop. No one is safe. That’s right, I’m talking about the increasingly popular epidemic that is man buns. It is the hairstyle in which a man pulls his hair back and ties it in the shape of a circle. I’m sorry, but in what universe would that look good on a man, with the only exception being Jared Leto? Yes, I’ll admit that Jared Leto actually looks pretty good in that particular hairstyle, even though he looks good no matter what hairstyle he’s trying, just saying. Other guys don’t look good with man buns. It’s just a matter of you can but should you? I think man buns make a person look like a barista from Starbucks.  So I guess if you want to look like a barista, then you go ahead, live your life, and do just that; but while you’re at it can you bring me a grande non-fat mocha frappuccino with a chocolate drizzle? As for me, I’ll continue rocking whatever my hairstyle is called and try my best to ignore the lovers of the horrid man bun or as I like to call it: the scourge of the Earth. As I said though, I’ll try, if I see an over-the-top man bun I might end up flipping out or secretly judging them from a distance. When I say “over-the-top,” I mean a guy that has a bun that’s almost five inches tall and has been obviously dyed and I swear if it is a bright color like green or pink, I will lose it. Now obviously if a special someone says you look good in a man bun then by all means do that. Keep that special someone happy. Thankfully, I don’t have a girlfriend, so I don’t have anyone to impress by subjecting myself to judgment of those that hate the hairstyle. If I did have a girlfriend however, it would take a lot of convincing before I decided to trade my dignity and everything I stand for as a man for a hairstyle.