Celena Smith, Staff Writer

Heritage High School is putting on the musical “Sister Act.” I got the chance to catch up with some of the main nuns in the show, Allie Porter and Morgan Vaughan. I asked some questions about how the rehearsals are going. Allie said “Pretty good, we are almost done blocking.” For all you non-theater folk, blocking is the movement of an actor in performing a play or an opera. Morgan went on to say that the rehearsals are really fun, but they are busy. Allie said that the songs are the hardest to learn because of how quickly they have to learn them. Morgan came back and added, “The choreography has to be the hardest for me to remember.” The scene the cast works on the most is the “Raise Your Voice” scene, which is where all the nuns come together and sing with each other. I also asked Ms. Peters, the director of “Sister Act,” how the cast was doing in rehearsals. Ms. Peters responded with, “Awesome! We have lost a lot of upper classmen talent with the past two graduating classes, but the under classmen are showing a lot of potential.” I also asked how the show would be different from the rest, and she let me in on a little bit of a secret. She said that they are planning on having live music compared to just using a boring CD. She is hoping that this show is more like a Broadway show than just a high school musical. On Saturday, October 29, from eight o’clock a.m. to ten o’clock a.m. The cast is hosting a pancake breakfast at the Applebee’s off of Shallowford Rd. Get your ticket for only five dollars and meet them down there for some killer pancakes.