Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

This year at Heritage High School, a lot of new clubs have started. The Badminton Club is one of them.  Badminton is like tennis, but instead of having a tennis ball, you have a shuttlecock, which is lighter than a tennis ball. The badminton rackets are also lighter than tennis rackets.  The reason that this club started is because Coach Bryant realized how much students in his class played badminton, and how much they liked it, too. One day a student in his class asked him, and that started it all. It was definitely a good idea, because more than fifty signed up. They meet every Wednesday during lunch to play, and every other Wednesday they have pizza! That is another good reason to sign up, besides all the fun you are going to have while playing badminton with your friends. Although badminton is more of a family game that you would play at a cookout, you can still enjoy it playing it at school.  This club was created just to have fun. You don’t need to have certain abilities, you do not need to be a certain weight or height, you do not need to be athletic, and it is not competitive. They are not planning on competing with other schools. Every other Wednesday you can have pizza, and all you do is play. So if you if want to join a club, join the Badminton Club!