Ian Shank, Staff Writer

Recently, a wildfire on Signal Mountain in Hamilton County had spread somewhere between 200-220 acres.  Unfortunately, Hamilton County has a D-4 drought, which means it’s an “exceptional” drought, which is also the highest rating a drought can get.  Over 20 forestry service personnel and four state park employees were assigned to fight the fire on Wednesday, October 12.  While the crew was able to calm the fire down, many decided to keep tabs on the fire. A Facebook page called “Updates on Signal Mountain Emergencies” started on Monday and had over 700 followers by the end of Wednesday.  The page was designed so that people may ask questions and post photos and news articles written about the wildfire.  Senator Todd Gardenhire took a break from campaigning to go into the woods with a friend of his because he was “concerned about it.”  Mrs. Cosby however isn’t too concerned about all the wildfires in Hamilton County; she said “There are wildfires? Well, I bet that for Hamilton County the whole situation is pretty intense and scary.  I’m just mad that I had recently gotten a fire pit and I’m not allowed to use it because of the ban we currently have.” The total bill to take care of the fire will be astronomical since they have to pay the workers, pay for the equipment, and pay for travel fees. Instead of worrying about the cost, everyone is worried about putting the fire out. Senator Gardenhire said it best: “This fire is stubborn, but we are too.”