Connor Harlan, Editor-in-Chief

To quote the legendary hardcore band Minutemen: “Our band could be your life. Mr. Operator, this is like Bob Dylan to us.” This famous line from “History Part Two” refers to the heart and soul of hardcore punk: the fans. Hardcore will always exist in some capacity thanks to the fans, and the players of it don’t seem to plan on stopping. For about four years now, I’ve been able to witness and participate in a tight knit family that is the Chattanooga/North Georgia hardcore scene. Chattanooga’s hardcore scene is built around a key location: the Cloud Springs Deli. For years, the deli has served as a home to countless bands on the Chattanooga independent music scene, but hardcore has thrived the most. The hardcore scene wouldn’t exist without this location, as it’s mostly casual type venue that’s run by a rough-but-friendly group of guys called Cold Truth Booking, with the actual deli itself run by George Lepre. Besides the deli, some other locations that commonly hold shows are JJ’s Bohemia, Track 29, and my favorite(s): the house venues. House venues are about as D.I.Y. as it gets, being literally someone’s house that they transformed into a venue. There’s defunct locations like the Purp Lodge in Cleveland, Office Space in East Brainerd, and more locations in St. Elmo that function as collapsible venues for any of your music needs. My favorite has to be the Purp Lodge, as I have countless memories of seeing my friends perform there. The hardcore scene thrives on the D.I.Y. aesthetic, and hardcore bands from all over commonly make the pilgrimage to the North Georgia/Chattanooga area. The scene has even been home to various HHS alumni. The Bear Comes Home, one of the most infamous and raw bands on the scene was composed of Philip Amos, Preston Amos, and Drew Waldon, all of whom graduated from HHS. And it doesn’t stop there. The ethos of the scene is comprised of love and respect. A great many people involved in the hardcore punk scene here are straight edge, meaning they choose to abstain from alcohol and drugs, and there are also a number of religiously affiliated groups as well. Overall, it’s a place I’m proud to call home and a family that I’m honored to have. You can make it your home as well, because shows are happening almost every day of the week somewhere.