Celena Smith, Staff Writer

Home-cooked meals are one of the best things on the face of the earth. I was raised on home-grown vegetables, which means I had them almost every night. Home-cooked meals just make me feel better inside. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I would gladly take a McDonalds’ Number One in a heartbeat.  If it truly came down to it, I would choose a home-cooked meal by my grandmother any day. With home cooked meals you get all the vitamins and the nutrients from the vegetables, not as much grease, and not as many calories. With home-cooked meals you still get some grease with fried foods, but not much. Oh how I love my grandmother’s fried squash! I love having home-cooked meals more than anything in the world. When I have a home-cooked meal it makes me feel lighter and more energized. When I eat carry-out, I feel sick and sleepy. Carry-out has so much stuff going wrong for it, and it is not the restaurant’s fault at all. The foods that get shipped to the restaurants are full of unhealthy stuff that can harm bodies. When you have food growing in your back yard, you know what is happening with the food, so why wouldn’t you choose the safer and more knowledge route? I personally favor the food that I know what happens to it and how it is produced. The animals are being fed healthy stuff that isn’t harmful to families. If I was able to raise my own food and grow my own vegetables, I would without thinking twice, once again just because I know everything that is going into the food being fed to the animals and what is going into the soil for my vegetables. I am a very picky eater, and in the world we live in today, I just have to get over it and eat the food. I absolutely cannot stand when I go to a restaurant and have to think about what I just bit into when the food tastes weird.