Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

Reading can open your mind is so many ways; you can travel the world, go to different worlds, go to different centuries, and you can learn so many new things from sophisticated vocabulary to rocket science. I do not understand why some people hate to read. I think they are just lazy; it is easier to watch TV because that does not take any effort, and you do not have to do anything. Before TVs and phones were invented, everyone used to read all the time.

I read because I love learning new things. Just by picking up a book and reading it, you improve your grammar and your vocabulary; and what if that book was about science or about World War II? You just learned three things from one book!

I personally love all kinds of books, from science, to fiction, to history, to self-improvement, to biographies. I love learning things from the past, or how things work, or how the brain works, or just simply how to be a better person.

I also love reading right after I wake up, because my mind is fresh; I get to wear the comfiest piece of clothing and get all comfortable with my coffee and read. Sometimes I go outside to my hammock and read where I appreciate the clouds and the sunrise. Sometimes we are too busy and forget to appreciate the smallest details.  I also love to read when it’s raining. I love hearing the water fall and hit the ground. I could sit in my room by the window reading and hearing the rain all day long if I could.

Reading is such a wonderful gift that most of us do not appreciate. You can’t say you hate all books, or that you have not found a book that interests you: that is just an excuse to not read. One of my favorite quotes form all time is by Mark Twain: “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”