Arianna Piper, Staff Writer

If you’re under the age of twelve and have your own phone or tablet,  I have a serious bone to pick with you. In today’s society, mobile devices are more common among our young people, and while that may seem cool to them, it is ridiculous to me. When I was seven, I didn’t even bother thinking about having a phone, but now I look around and it seems to me that just about every kid has the newest iPhone or tablet. I’m sorry, but to me, that just isn’t okay. My first phone was given to me, not bought for me, and it was a Nokia phone. I would understand if it were a Firefly phone that only allows calls to 911 or specific numbers that your legal guardian has to put in the device with a pin protected option so they can control the calls, as well as two buttons to directly call your mother or father. Every kid should have some sort of way to connect with their guardians in case of an emergency, but not every kid should have an iPhone because it keeps them distracted.  I believe that adults buy their children these devices to keep them busy so they don’t have to actually parent them, not because they have earned them. Make them go outside or read a book. Something!  Anything! Shoving a phone or tablet in a kids face is not being a good parent. It’s not like the kids know any better. They will gladly sit around with their eyes glued to a screen rather than going to play outside or pick up a book. My brother and I used to have to make up games to play when our mom needed time to cook or clean. Even then we had our own list of things to get done before we were allowed to play. We weren’t even allowed to sit and watch TV for more than two hours at a time, and yet a majority of kids are constantly being encouraged to always have some type of mobile device in front of their face. I don’t know what parents are thinking, but the next generation is going to be an interesting bunch.