Connor Harlan, Editor-in-Chief

Noor Sabeeh, the girls’ varsity cross country running star, has been on the team since her freshman year. One would assume that someone with times as impressive as hers has a daunting work ethic, one that fosters hard work and determination. This is the bread and butter of cross country runner Noor Sabeeh. Noor recently placed tenth in the meet at HHS last Thursday, the highest placement of any girl on our varsity team. Noor’s times have been consistently good in her time at Heritage, which shows that she has some level of talent in the sport, but when I asked her why she joined the team she said “I only run because my dad wanted me to.” Noor’s presence on the team has always been well-loved, and she has a good deal of respect from the other runners and Coach Wynne. “Noor is inconsistently our best runner. She and Alex Gass are constantly topping each other, and she’s got the talent and the potential to be a college runner and even a professional runner.”