Celena Smith, Staff Writer

Everyone knows school is an important part of a person’s life, but it’s not always the most fun. The school year is filled with fun activities that I enjoy doing. There is one part of the school year that I love more than anything and it is marching band season. During this season I get to be with my friends every day of the week. When I don’t have a class with them, I get to have one thanks to band. Band is relaxing and takes the stress off of me when school is stressing me out. When I have band it just all slips away: no stress, no drama, and no worrying about fitting in. The reason I am so in love with band is because I get to be a part of a grand champion band. It is one of the best feelings ever when you have all the parents cheering for you and the students are cheering us on also. When I perform with the band I feel like I actually fit in with a group of people. I never have once felt like I’m not a part or do not belong with the group that is in the band because they are the nicest people I have ever met. I mean, there are some rude people, but they still make you feel welcomed.

I also love other parts of the school year like around November we have the musical. I enjoy that because I get to support the students that are confident enough to getting on stage and sing their hearts out. I also enjoy when the talent show rolls around, because I get to see all of the talented people that I go to school with.  I know school is more important than just going to see talent shows and plays but I’m not a big fan of school. When I think of school I dread it because sitting in the class room for eight hours a day is awful. I try to think of all interesting things that come out of the school year and try and get excited about it. School is something I will be dealing with probably the rest of my life because of all the goals I want to achieve. I need to learn to like school and not just be looking forward to the activities. I do enjoy some parts of school and the learning part. When teachers put forth the effort to teach you and make sure you know the material and go back over it non-stop till you get it is the best thing ever. I also enjoy when they give us fun activities to do just to learn and get the material down.