Celena Smith, Staff Writer

The Heritage High School chorus has a major role in the school. Chorus is taught by Jennifer Hamilton, and the class is loved by many. Last year, the chorus went to district and had a boys’ quartet in the GHSA State Literary Competition. I asked Mrs. Hamilton a couple of questions about this year’s chorus and she was pretty excited. The first question I asked was how the group was looking. Her response “It is great, because the numbers are up from last fall and we have a lot of good singers.” I talked to her about concerts coming up, one of which they just had on Thursday, October 20 at Heritage High School. She let me in on other dates that we can be looking forward to. In November she is taking students to all-state and district try-outs and it is the first year our school has gotten the chance to do this. Their district chorus concert is on November first at Woodland High School. “There are three kids that are trying out for Governor’s Honors.” she said. The next concert will be Thursday, December 15, 2016 at seven o’clock here at Heritage High School. Mrs. Hamilton is going to have literary auditions, so there will be another boy’s quartet, girl’s trio, and soloist. She would like to have year-round chorus so that the upcoming freshmen that are patient about chorus also have the same opportunity as the rest of the students. For the fall concert they just had, she went with world music pieces: an Australian piece that is performed with the percussion, a renaissance time piece, and some classical pieces. The chorus plan on going back to district because they have one of the biggest groups that has come through within the past three years of Mrs. Hamilton being here.