Ian Shank, Staff Writer

The Future Farmers of America of Heritage High School are busy as they usually are especially at this time of year with everything going on; at least that’s the truth according to Heritage High School’s agriculture teacher, Mrs. Shearer. The club just recently came back from a competition and is planning on going to another event next weekend to compete in and assert their dominance at the said meeting. The next competition will deal with employment-related topics such as farm businesses, job interviews, etc.  FFA also has a lot in store for the future, no pun intended. Even though they just came back from indie, where they competed against other teams; they have multiple competitions coming up soon and they are already working on their annual Thanksgiving meeting which will be on November 17. When asked about for her hopes for FFA, agriculture, and forestry, Mrs. Shearer jokingly said that she hopes that all of this doesn’t cause her to have a head full of gray hair by the time she turns thirty years old. Good news for her, you cannot get gray hair from being subjected to an extreme amount of stress including farming and dealing with agriculture. So in conclusion, Heritage High School’s FFA continues to leave a legacy by going to competitions constantly and still plans on accomplishing FFA’s goal to make a positive difference in the lives of its members by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.