Melissa Ramos, Staff Writer

Science is seen all around the world and it’s happening all the time. Science has different branches like biology, physics, chemistry, and more. In those branches there are even more branches like archeology, astronomy, micrology, geology, nephrology, and many more.

I have a huge passion for science because so many magnificent things are happening all the time, and for some of them we do not have an explanation of how it’s happening. I love solving challenges and discovering and learning new things. When a cell divides from one to two, to four to sixteen, and it goes on and on until it creates what it is supposed to, I find it incredible the cycle they go through. What I find so interesting is how they know how and when to divide considering they do not have a brain. What’s even more amazing is how small they are. The first time I used a microscope, I was amazed; it is like there is a whole new different word. I think it is incredible how there are so many things going on in a tiny little cell. Everything about them amazes me.

I love challenges, because they make me think and they also make me realize new things. A lot of people think physics is hard, and sometimes they hate physics. I do understand that because everyone likes or hates different stuff. My first physics class made me fall in love with physics. I loved the teacher, my classmates, and the work. It was not hard, but it was challenging; it made me think. I love math and science, so physics is a perfect combination of both.

I think it’s astonishing how chemistry works. Everything works so perfectly together. I find it amazing that an extra atom or an extra proton makes everything completely different. I think it’s so incredible how you can combine two things and make something completely different out of it. Something as simple as water has a lot going on.

Everything about science excites me, from all the work we have to do to get a simple answer, to looking through a microscope and seeing a whole new world. In my opinion, you can never completely master science because there is always something new to learn or discover.