Arianna Piper, Staff Writer

Believe it or not, everyone has at least one fear. Whether a person is scared of losing a family member or being chased by clowns, there is always going to be something that sends shivers down their spine. I don’t care how tough a person looks or how cool they act, they are still afraid of something. While I have quite a few fears, one of my biggest is also probably my most irrational. I am terrified of mirrors in dark rooms. It might sound ridiculous to some, but to help further explain, you should know that I absolutely love horror films. There is no telling how many times I have watched a scene where some type of killer, object, or ghost just pops up in mirrors when the victim is looking in it or walking by it and not paying attention. The reason I say in dark rooms is because most of the time it will be at night or in a room with the lights off when something like that happens in the films. I mean, I will still jump if I walk around a corner or into a new space and suddenly see myself across the room or in my peripheral vision, but even then it isn’t too bad and I’m pretty sure most people have done that at least one time.  If I am going to walk into a room that I know has a mirror, I won’t dare put my whole body through the doorway until I’ve reached one arm around to switch on the light. If there is a room where the light switch is too far to reach then I will either get someone to turn the light on for me or completely abort whatever it is I had planned on doing. If it’s a bigger room it isn’t as bad. If anything were to try to get me I would have more space and time to get away. However, the absolute worst room to be in when it’s dark is bathroom, because not only is there a mirror in a dark room, but most of the time my brother will close the curtain so there’s no telling what could be behind that. It’s practically a lose/lose situation. My moms and brother will purposefully shut off the light when I’m trying to get ready for school or getting ready for bed then close the door so I’m trapped in the dark and most of the time it results in screaming and giving them the silent treatment. I know it sounds ridiculous for an almost sixteen year old to be so afraid of something like that but I can’t help but be afraid that something is waiting to get me.