Celena Smith, Staff Writer

When I think of America, I think of this land that is free and people that are happy. In America, we have all that is good going for us, but all we hear is hate. Yeah, we may not have the best presidential candidates, but you have to look at the positive side of what they can accomplish. I live in the great state of Georgia in the United States of America, and I love it here. I’m so thankful that I live in a country where I’m not worried to say something I believe in or even do what I want. With living in America, I have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Americans should be happy and proud that we have this. Some countries can’t even say they believe in something other then what their country worships without being put to death. America has even greater things than just that: our armed forces are not forced to fight for our freedom; they are granted the privilege of it. Have you ever stopped to consider all of the people who want to come to America? The reason they want to come over is because of all the good we have to offer. We offer education, well-paying jobs, and a safe environment to live in. With all of the things we have in America, who wouldn’t want to live here? We have fifty beautifully breathtaking states that you can visit. There are many amazing vacation spots that you can choose from, and only two you need a passport to visit. The country that I live in has to be my favorite. It has a lot to offer and huge opportunities that we Americans can choose from, from being the biggest superstar on television or from being the most famous doctor in the U.S.  All of these you are able to go to school in this country to learn how to be, and we have some of the most amazing schools to choose from. Oh, and not to mention, along with the schools comes all kinds of sports we have the privilege to choose to play. I get to do band, play softball, or even cheer just because of the freedom my great country has granted me with.